HKCTF討論區板規 HKCTF Forum Rules
  1. 禁止發佈人身攻擊,淫褻,不雅或粗言穢語的內容
    Personal attack, obscene, indecent or foul content is not allowed.

  2. 禁止發表限制級發言
    Restricted content is not allowed.

  3. 禁止討論政治議題或敏感時事
    Content related to political or sensitive news topic is not allowed.

  4. 禁止宣傳未授權的商業 / 個人 / 團體內容
    Unauthorized promotion of business, individual or organization is not allowed.

  5. 文章內容必須符合分類主題
    The content of the post must match with its category.

  6. 文章內文必須與標題相符
    The content of the post must match with its title.

  7. 禁止跨版發佈重覆文章
    Cross posting or reposting is not allowed.

  8. 禁止逾期討論
    Replying to an outdated post is not allowed.

  9. 禁止發佈違規情報 (未附來源的情報 / 非正當性的來源)
    News without source or with inappropriate source is not allowed.

  10. 禁止進行拉票或網上問卷調查
    Soliciting votes or surveying is not allowed.

  11. 禁止發佈令人反感的文章
    Disgusting content is not allowed.

  12. 禁止洗板 (一日內發佈3篇以上相似內容的文章)
    Spamming posts is not allowed. (3 similar posts in 1 day)

  13. 禁止大量收集他人個人資料
    Mass collecting personal information is not allowed.

  14. 禁止對站方或板主發表不當言論 / 造謠生事 / 模仿管理人員
    Inappropriate speech / Rumoring / Mimicking towards Moderators and Staffs is not allowed.

  15. 禁止利用與管理人員相似名稱並發表調侃 / 用板務立場發言
    Abusing the similar username of Staffs / Moderators is not allowed.

  16. 未經同意 / 與板主溝通自行解讀板規 / 板務
    Interpretation of forum rules without the authorization of Moderators or Staffs is not allowed.